Catapult to the next version of you!  

Designed in phases, JoAnne’s Proven Transformational Systems give you the framework to master new thought habits that reverse your downward spiral of doubt and distraction.  In any work that we do together, we will use this proven process.  Each Phase sets you up with the foundation to alter how you interact with any situation.  And ensures that your actions are aligned with the purpose you’ve designed.  You will master self-leadership – the ability to generate your experiences independent of circumstances.  Being focused, grounded and calm in the midst of chaos becomes your new normal.

Vision Intensive Program

Are things stagnant lately?  Would you like new strategies to achieve results? Would you like to experience greater meaning and fulfillment in life?  This 3-session Course is for successful people who are READY turn their old ceiling into their new floor.  Having a clear Vision is the fastest way to reduce overwhelm and procrastination so you can focus on your highest priorities.  Your vision will begin to replace self-doubt and success becomes the predictable outcome.

The Vision Intensive is the jump-start to uncover a Vision that ignites your passion and purpose.  Prepare to uncover the invisible barriers that until now have blocked your success.

Test-drive of the Alchemy Method along with:

  • A personal Vision so you have clarity, focus and direction on what’s next.
  • A recording of your Personal Vision Discovery session with me
  • A Core Values Discovery intensive to align your Vision and Values.
  • Workbook with exercises to support you in the program
  • 3 one-hour sessions with JoAnne to personally guide you through the process

Another 90 days are likely to pass in your life regardless of what you choose.  The real question is will you spend those days as you design, with your dreams becoming reality; or will you spend them plateaued and dissatisfied with how things are?  Break that cycle today.  Apply for the Vision Intensive by completing the Strategic Vision Session questionnaire, or email

A Private VIP Day with JoAnne

Imagine a personal day with me.  What are the 3 biggest challenges you would want me to solve with you?  Now is your chance.  Learn more about my VIP Day with JoAnne

Today you are trading a day of your precious time… your life…. for something.  Make it a fair trade.

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