VIP Day – A Personal Day With JoAnne Tackling Your Biggest Blocks

 Productivity Isn’t a Conversation – Many people have learned about being productive, but not usually about real productivity. JoAnne specializes in teaching the HOW of getting the things done that improve our work and home lives.

This is where the breakthrough begins!  Achieving your goals isn’t just about work and discipline.  Efforting through is not the answer.  Jump-start your motivation and put an end to failed resolutions and goals.  If you experience working way to hard for way too little, that’s about to change!  

A VIP days is right for you if…

  • You’ve done personal development work and would like a productivity tune-up.
  • You are a busy professional or entrepreneur and want to fast-track your results.
  • You’re tired of falling fall short of your goals.
  • You want a fast way to break through blind spots and barriers.

Be ready to re-shape how you get stuff done.

  • Pack months of coaching into a day-long personal expedition.
  • Cut out months of struggle, procrastination and overwhelm.
  • Align your personal and professional goals and walk away with an action plan and support structure to rewire you results.

Our agenda is packed with action and fun!  We’ll work together 2-3 hours in the morning creating your personal P3 Productivity System. Next is a relaxing lunch designed to activate your creativity.  And then finish our day with 3 hours to make sure you have projects and support structures in place.  And it doesn’t end there.  You have two telephone followup sessions with me to keep you on track.  ALL included in the VIP Package.

“This is a lot better than the sticky notes all over the house”  Kelly Mason, Dallas, TX

“This has changed my life!  Each day I know EXACTLY what to do to move my vision forward.  I don’t waste time questioning, delaying or being distracted.  I simply take action because I know the entire system is aligned with my vision.”   W. Edwards, Dallas, TX



Free Productivity Breakthrough Session

Are you stalled right now?  You have a vision and purpose, but aren’t seeing the results you want.  You know a system to help you stay focused on your highest priorities would help, but  you don’t want to spend months getting it?  A personalized VIP Day with JoAnne may be just the breakthrough solution you’re looking for.  

Apply now to see if a VIP is day is the answer for you.

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