Do you feel it?  Stuck on one side of a gap seeking a bridge to your future?

Those who have navigated their own transitions and come to the other side are uniquely prepared with insights and systems to help you harvest the opportunities that come from life’s challenges.

Many of us live with the demands of the outside world setting our priorities.  Until now that has worked.  By every measure you are successful! Yet you feel unsettled, restless and maybe even a little bored.  What if good really is the enemy of great?  You know there’s something next, something more for you.  You just don’t know what that is.

I felt it.  I had professional success for Fortune 100 companies and family owned enterprises.  It was fast-paced and financially-rewarding.  It looked good on the outside.  The nice house, nice car, nice family … but something was missing.

In an attempt to find what was missing, I joined a mountain climbing team with the goal to summit Mount Rainier.  The glaciers of Rainier are well known for their difficulty and danger.  I thought summiting that mountain would certainly get rid of my fear and let me relax into the satisfying life I wanted.  Life had a different plan!

May times on the trip to the 14,411 ft. summit I had to dig deep inside to find a part of me I had never known.  I’m sure my colleagues did as well, and that’s the reason all 12 of us made it to the summit that day. A few weeks later the restlessness returned, and it had intensified.  The year-long training for the climb had distracted me, AND it had also prepared me for what I would face upon my return – the end of my 19 year marriage.

Possibly  you’re on a personal or business expedition right now that is preparing you.  An exploration of what’s missing, what’s possible – or what’s next. 

Things had changed and I really wasn’t prepared.  For months I was on one side of a gap between my past and an uncertain future. There was no turning back.  I thought I knew how to be a successful, happy adult and now I wasn’t so sure.  Some days I felt I had lost my self.  

I was at a crossroads with a choice to make.  I could remain angry and resentful, and spend my life avoiding anything that might hurt like this again.  Or I could find the opportunity in the pain, grow myself, and have the courage to design a new life.  I chose growth, and slowly began to see the gift in this change.

Are you on an expedition right now that’s preparing you for what’s next?

Redesigning your life, career or business may sound like an opportunity… until you really have to do it.

I chose to use this uncertain time to expand rather than contract my life.  It didn’t happen overnight and I didn’t do it alone.  Coaches, mentors and friends walked with me and encouraged me to fight for my dreams rather than my fears.  During this time I uncovered my gift and passion for supporting people who are navigating to the next level in their professional and personal life.  How to face toward possibility rather than the past.  I would never wish this experience on anyone; and I would wish the opportunity to learn and grow as I did for everyone.

My jagged journey uniquely qualifies me to support you in designing your future, claiming your next peak and celebrating each success along the way.  We will make this journey together using my proven 5-Step System to take you from Exploration to Summit with clear bridges for each gap we encounter.  

Free Strategy Session

Are you at the edge of what’s next, but hesitant and uncertain?  Let’s get you moving!  During our session you will get clarity on your own journey to what’s next, and come away with a plan to keep you focused.   I will be here to support you each step of the way.

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