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You are in tune with your purpose and driving motivators. You know that your purpose and business align. You love what you do so much you would do it for free. Therein lies the problem; how do you put a dollar value on a product or service you would give away?

You can never outperform your self-worth.  You must adjust your worth-set!  When you don’t own your value it’s easy to become burned out with a business you love. It’s easy to sabotage yourself just when financial success is within reach.  With a healthy worth-set all of that changes.

The Discover Your Valuesession will help you:

  • Learn how your purpose translates into the unique value only you can offer
  • Stick to your pricing model with confidence
  • Test if your price is really saying what you want about your value.
  • Stop wasting time fixating on the competitors’ prices


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