I always wanted to create a wholistic center offering massage, yoga, Chinese Tai Chi and Qigong in addition to acupuncture. But I was struggling verbalizing a clear vision. Since working with JoAnne we have opened our new yoga studio.  JoAnne helps me see things in a different light which helps me grow. She is AMAZING! 

Maya Crockett, L.Ac

Acupuncturist, McKinney, TX

Working with JoAnne helped me find a greater sense of purpose.  I was letting life happen to me without knowing I could do anything different.  Now I know I have the power to choose my state-of-mind; to be the captain of my life instead of a victim.

Lisa Caire

Network Marketing Franchise Owner, Dallas, TX

Of all the personal development work I’ve done, working with JoAnne has been my favorite… Listen to more from Pam.  

Pamela St. John

Business Owner, Fort Worth, TX

I have the privilige of learning on a weekly basis from JoAnne.  She helps you realize and pursue what is important in your business and life, and lock in a laser focus to get real RESULTS.

Ron Hunt

Agent, Coldwell Banker/Apex

JoAnne helped me realize that I was valuing my accomplishments based on the degree of difficulty I experienced in achieving them.  As a child I was told that life would be difficult because I was of mixed race and culture.  I spread that belief across my entire life.  By believing a goal would be hard, I MADE IT SO.  I now choose to use my personal ‘that was easy’ button.  It gives me levity and reconnects me to the “flow”. 

Charmaine Stradford

Director, Product Marketing Mgmt., AT&T, Dallas, TX

I enrolled in JoAnne’s program because I wanted to go from good to great personally and professionally.  I wanted clarity and an action plan for the next phase of my life.  Now I’m in control of my work/life balance and I’ve learned to say ‘no’ and put myself first!  

JoAnne is a powerful coach who challenges you to learn and grow beyond what you think is possible. 

Katherine Stimson

K. Stimson Events, Dallas, TX

It was so inspiring to hear you speak for eWomen Network in Colorado Springs.  

Tricia Tuppenhoff

Tuppenhoff Photography, Colorado Springs, CO

I was really stuck in my business.  Trying harder was not moving me forward!   Before working with JoAnne I added only 2 new members to my team in the entire year.  This year, in just one month working with JoAnne, I have added FIVE. My confidence as a leader has sky-rocketed!  

Listen to more from Erinn.

Erinn Lynam

Franchise Owner, Juice Plus

When I started working with JoAnne I was focused on everything needs to be p-e-r-f-e-c-t” .  I believed that the needs of others always came before my own. 

WOW, do I feel differently about things now!  I choose to be open to new experiences and I don’t suffer trying to predetermine what the end result will be. Life is much more relaxed and less frustrating for me.

Pauline Olson

Brinker International, Dallas, TX

For professionals who understand that career success is an ‘inside job’ and who value constant improvement, JoAnne is the performance coach you want.  

Part scientist, vision definer, process expert, accountability enforcer and inspirational motivator, JoAnne has the ability to keep you focused on your roadmap to success AND enjoy the experience – an unusual combination. After personally working with JoAnne, I am now employing her services to ensure my team’s success – as wealth building is a team sport.

Janet Kieffer

B2B Marketing Advisor, Influence, Dallas, TX

I started working with JoAnne because I wanted help to overcome the mind-battle that fueled my anxiety.  I wanted to be more confident.

Now I don’t have to work so hard to make things happen.  I am much more resourceful and the results come easier and faster .

Bukekile Dube

Managing Member, New Horizon Homes LLC

JoAnne’s mastery as a coach is guiding me to a more rewarding, happy and motivating life.  Not only am I feeling and seeing changes, so are my clients who have remarked that I seem happier and more committed to the client experience. It has been an especially wonderful year because of JoAnne.  I excitedly look forward to each week’s session and I’m on a positive path that has helped change me for the better. Thank you for you!


Comprehensive Wealth Management, Dallas, TX

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