Yesterday we looked at THREE Myths that may cause you to feel like you’re driving toward success with a foot on the gas and a foot on the brake.  Now let’s look at Myth FOUR and FIVE.  They will show you a few more ways you might be narrowing your view on success.

Myth FOUR:  “I’ve never been good at marketing, sales, money or business.”
This one will sink you for sure.  How much better does it feel to say this?  “I love business – each day I learn, grow and prosper.”

This myth puts your thinking on a bullet train to the past.  It can even justify looking to the past to validate an unsuccessful present. Ick!   When you focus on the past, the odds are great that you will simply create a recycled version of your former self.  When you are present now you can move forward with a clean slate.

Exercise:  Try going an entire week without talking about your past.  You may find it unsettling that you don’t quite know who you are without it.  That’s news you can use!

Myth FIVE:  “In order to be successful I have to get up earlier, have to work harder and I have to … have to … have to…”

Success requires effort, but have to is the voice of burden.  That internal voice gives you laser focus on the exhausting stuff.  Even if the activities are not hard, the have to mindset will make them seem that way.  Your subconscious will sense the anticipated difficulty, and your hesitation, and put on the brakes.

Exercise:  Starting today practice saying “I get to”, “I have the opportunity to” or “I’m scheduled to”.

ONE MORE!  “If I could just get it all together I could make real money.”
Either you need a good coach, or you have your ladder against the wrong mountain. If your heart isn’t engaged in what you are doing, and who you are being, you won’t enjoy the success you desire.

Exercise:  Have a written vision worded in a way that places you in your future.  Read it aloud every day.  Bonus points if you read it aloud to a trusted friend or colleague.

You can’t get to your dream; you must come from your dream. 

The myths may be invisible, but the impact is not.  Here’s another reminder…. It’s time to take your foot off the brake.

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