We have our mountains to climb

The path to success is often a Jagged Journey.

We plan a straight path, yet there are times when we get caught in a downward spiral of self-doubt and indecision.

I've learned the short-cut to overcoming these slides and setbacks.  You can too!

My coaching systems help you navigate your challenges and blocks, and transate them into opportunity and results.

You deserve an easier path to success...

Stop Second-Guessing!


Download 7 MYTHS Successful Entrepreneurs Must Shatter to Unleash Their Confidence.  
Build your confidence from the inside out.  
  • Designed for successful professionals who unexpectedly find their confidence shaky.
  • Each myth has a mindset-reset to reverse the limitations caused by the myth.
  • Actions that anchor you to your new confidence baseline.
  • This proven approach for changing your self-image is easy to use, share with friends or revisit when you need a confidence tune-up.


This personal one-day intensive with JoAnne will boost your motivation, help you create an action plan for the future, and support you in getting it done.

Coaching Programs

Private and group programs offer a proven system to help business leaders and individuals get clear on their vision and achieve their goals.

Speaking & Workshops

JoAnne's keynotes, workshops, and programs entertain, inform and inspire audience members to take meaningful action.

Welcome!  You're in the right place.

I believe NOW is the perfect time to let the edgier side of you break out.  

Bold - Daring - Direct

Maybe you've been letting the demands of others determine our priorities. Until now that has worked.  But your success strategies have unexpectedly stopped working.  Your career, relationships, and finances are all OK…  Yet you feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled. 

You know there’s something next; something more for you.  You just don’t know what that is.

  • You’re running out of decades
  • You’re without a map
  • You’re out of patience

From The Blog

The Frightening Truth About Worry

Everyone has dreams, but most of us don’t give our dreams a chance to become reality. We let worry and second-guessing stop you. How do you know if doubt is getting in the way? Just assume it is, and then start really listening to the things you say to yourself and...

ONE Surprising Idea That Will Give You the Productivity Edge

If an occasional event or comment takes you completely off your game for hours, days or weeks, then you might want to consider forgiveness as a productivity strategy. Last week a harsh comment from a trusted colleague tanked my productivity. I spent hours replaying...

Avoid These 7 Words to Make You Seem More Confident

Words don’t always reflect your confidence, but they might indicate that something is amiss. Using these words could send the signal that you aren’t really sure, or you aren’t really serious.  You could be creating an impression you don’t want to make. Not ready to...

More of the 5 Myths That Actually Stifle Your Success – Part 2

Yesterday we looked at THREE Myths that may cause you to feel like you're driving toward success with a foot on the gas and a foot on the brake.  Now let’s look at Myth FOUR and FIVE.  They will show you a few more ways you might be narrowing your view on success....

5 Myths That Actually Stifle Your Success – Part 1

Does it feel like you are driving toward success with one foot on the gas and one on the brake? Speed tells you how fast you are going, but seldom, by yourself, can you see how your internal brake stops you from reaching your next level of success. Instead you may...

An Awesome Way to Boost Your Courage and Boot Your Fear

I just finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and what a fantastic read! Here is a letter to fear from one of my very favorite sections. We all have fear and it deserves to be honored. Fear can inform and guide us. Fear can visit, but please don't let it spend the...

JoAnne is a dedicated successful coach with outstanding communication skills, and an intense and easy approach – a rare combination.   Her proven system supports you in translating your current frustrations and challenges into real results in no time.  If you're asking "can she help me reach my goals?"  The anwer is ABSOLUTELY!  JoAnne has the short-cut we’re all looking for.  I've watched her do it, and I love her for it!  You will to.

Kris Mosley

Executive Recruiter, Frisco, TX

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